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​Telephone switchboard installation programming and repairs

Assistance can be provided at a low cost to suit your requirements​

Avaya / Nortel BCM keycode workaround
Many customers with BCM systems are struggling to update and change their system keycode licenses since support for the product was withdrawn by the manufacturer.

We can provide a service whereby for most Business Communication Manager systems, the phone system can be enchanced with more features and licenses.

BCM technical help guides
 Meridian & CS1K technical guides

Remote programming for your Telephone system

My knowledge of phone systems over the years has enabled me to access via a number of methods equipment to enable programming changes to be made to save on the need for long delays where a site visit would have been needed.

Although I'm based in the UK, I have a great number of telecomms professionals who I know around the world who can be relied upon to assist me to deal with any needs that you have.
Telecommunications history
I have been in the PABX business for many years in the United Kingdom. I will work on most systems with programming and cabling requirements, my core skills are with the Avaya and Nortel range of telephone systems and this includes password and keycode support for the BCM range which aren't available to the general public.

Other systems are Siemens, IP Office, Panasonic, Mitel, ShoreTel and many others. In the past I used to work in a centre configuring the Nortel / Avaya Option range of systems and have developed a number of tools to compile spreadsheets and reports etc.

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Over 30 Years of experience on PABX systems

Nortel / Avaya Meridian Norstar and BCM Configuration Specialist

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Due to work commitments and the time difference, any voice calls may be sent into voicemail for email delivery and I'll respond as soon as possible.


During the past few years, I have gained knowledge on SIP phones and Trunks and this has been done due to working on the BCM range which although has now been discontinued by Avaya was at it's final release of 6.0 was able to do all of the latest features that customers are now paying alot of money to have replaced, yet their own kit is still functional.

I have a number of guides should anyone wish to view them. Here are a few below.
How to change the firmware on a Nortel / Avaya IP phone to UNIStim or SIP  
BCM 50 Serial Port and Motherboard components layout  
Avaya BCM 50 and 450 unofficial SIP phone feature provided at version 6.0